Emergency Sierra Leone Ebola Appeal

Emergency Sierra Leone Ebola Appeal

We are running an emergency appeal to support the community in our project in the Hastings, Waterloo region of Sierra Leone who have been affected by the Ebola crisis.

We have been working in the area since 2011 and provide education and health support to children and teachers living in an old refugee camp. Many of the 400 people in the community, including many vulnerable children have been put in quarantine and are lacking access to basic food and water supplies.

‘The community that we work with in this area of Sierra Leone are already vulnerable – lacking access to basic human rights like education and clean water. Many of these people, although they need emergency medical screening and care also need basic food and water – having been isolated for over two weeks. We are not clinicians or frontline staff and have been advised by WHO (World Health Organisation) not to travel, but we can support our project there with emergency rations delivered through a qualified security official. We work with, love and respect these people and are so frustrated that we cannot do more – but we will do as much as we can with the help of our supporters.’

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We wish everyone at Waterloo, Sierra Leone the best of health, and a swift end of the Ebola Outbreak.

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