SAFE Supporter Scheme

SAFE Supporter Scheme

Want to be a supporter of the SAFE family?Join us with an annual subscription, and be kept up to date with everything SAFE, support the charity and benefit from some exclusive offers.

Supporters receive an exclusive newsletter, supporter-only discounts from some of our lovely partners plus an invitation to our annual supporters event.

There are 2 levels of Supporter-ship!

Becoming a SAFE Supporter costs £25. You will receive a supporter pack detailing the projects your fee will benefit and details of how you can become more involved with SAFE.

Becoming a PURE SAFE Supporter costs £50. This will give you all the benefit entitlements of SAFE Supporters plus some extras. PURE SAFE Supporters can also apply to become a voting member of the charity. Voting members have a voice in how the charity is run by attending the Annual General Meeting. 

You can apply and pay for your subscription online safely and easily via paypal by selecting your choice of Supporter Options below and clicking Subscribe.

Supporter Options
Gift Aid