Masinagudi, India
Working with the displaced Adavasi tribe improving access to basic human rights like sanitation and education.

Masinagudi, India

Tribal people in the jungle region of Tamil Nadu have been displaced over many years and have lost many of their traditional rights and entitlements because of legislation changes implemented by the Indian Forest Department.

While the changes in law are necessary and look after the rights of animals, the authorities in the past made no contingency for displaced people and tribal people left the jungle with nowhere to go.

The SAFE Foundation have been working with out partner organisation MYWA for almost six years to improve the quality of life for tribal people who are suffering the effects of rights abuses and displacement issues.

MYWA have been working to secure tribal rights since 1975 and have concentrated their efforts on access to safe drinking water, settlement and rights to practice traditional livelihoods like honey-gathering.

Masinagudi, India Project Goals

Millennium Development Goals
The Masinagudi, India project is helping to work towards these Millennium Development Goals. There are eight MDGs, ranging from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions. Find out more here.