Tororo, Uganda
Working with disadvantaged rural communities stabilising health, improving access to education and diversifying livelihood skills.

Tororo, Uganda

The people of Tororo are among the poorest in Uganda and face a multitude of poverty issues which include little or no access to livelihoods and healthcare, inadequate education resources in schools, entitlement deprivation and poor infrastructure.

The SAFE Foundation started working with our partner organisation TOCIDA in 2009 and have a long term commitment to improving the lives of the local people in a manner that respects their traditional culture and basic human rights.

The SAFE Foundation also sit on the board of Vale4Africa, a Vale of Glamorgan based group who also have aims and objectives towards improving the overall quality of life for people in Tororo, Uganda.

Tororo, Uganda Project Goals

Improve school resources and encourage attendance at schools.
SAFE's education project supports children in the community who have little access to education. Main barriers to access in this project are financial hardship, usually if the child is an orphan and being looked after by an already stretched relative, or if the child has a treatable medical problem which holds the child back in class. SAFE provides materials needed for school like books and uniforms, and funds small medical procedures enabling children to attend school.
SAFE has helped start the local library by providing funds to obtain textbooks and other reading materials.
Improve access to livelihoods and healthcare.
SAFE and TOCIDA have a trade partnership. Local women and men use their knowledge and skill to create craft goods, which are fairly traded by SAFE. Profits from the sale of crafts is used to fund the wider aims of the project, helping it become more sustainable.
In September 2015, SAFE ran a clay oven project in Tororo. The project consisted of building 3 community clay ovens for women to start their own bakeries, running baking and social enterprise training, and teaching 18 Ugandan participants how to build the ovens themselves.
The women will bake and supply bread to school children who currently have no school dinners. The women want to fortify the bread, increasing children's nutrition.
The builders will make more ovens in different parts of the region and create sustainable businesses.
Relieve pressures on local school staff through an international volunteer scheme.
Millennium Development Goals
The Tororo, Uganda project is helping to work towards these Millennium Development Goals. There are eight MDGs, ranging from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 – form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions. Find out more here.