Our volunteers are a part of the SAFE family. In the UK, and overseas, they make our work possible and transform lives. They bring energy and enthusiasm and we are constantly learning from them!

We are committed to supporting our volunteers fulfil their potential. Volunteer with us and you will gain a community of people invested in your future. Whatever your background or experience, we believe that everyone has something to offer.

Our volunteer opportunities can be tailored to fit your needs and availability. You don’t need experience or a qualification in the area you’re interested in, just a willingness to learn! We want your volunteering experience with us to equip you with new skills and build your confidence and self-esteem.We have opportunities at our HQ in Cardiff, in our ethical store in Cardiff and overseas with our partner projects.

In return for your time and effort we will:

  • Develop your skills
  • Build your confidence
  • Help you into other opportunities
  • Give advice and guidance on your future
  • Make you tea and coffee!

Who are our volunteers?

Anyone can volunteer with us. If you have something to give and something to learn – then get in touch.

“Volunteering has changed my life. I’ve been able to find out who I am and what I want to do – at the same time as being able to help other people who aren’t as fortunate. The SAFE Foundation is special and I know I will always be involved” – Helen, 46

Watch this short film with our young girls Chanty and Jade who talk about how volunteering can really change lives!

“I started volunteering with SAFE in 2011 and continued to volunteer for many years in various capacities, such as development projects, festivals, shifts at the SAFE boutique, events, fundraising and office admin.

Through the years, the value I get from volunteering changes. Early on it played a critical role in improving my confidence, giving me a sense of purpose and self-worth, and acquiring some basic but important life skills that I didn’t have before. And I had the opportunity to see the world and give to others in a meaningful way at the same time.

In recent years, the opportunities I’ve had have helped fulfil my core values, acted as a therapy, aided with my career development and formed most of my social life… anyone who volunteers knows a lot of partying is involved!

Even though volunteering is a giving act, which is a reward in itself, the benefits you will feel are twofold, lifelong and ever-changing and believe it or not, anything you get involved with will always be incredibly fun and a great way to spend your time.

Whether you are 16 or 60, I could not recommend volunteering enough! #Volunteeringchangedmylife”

Still have some questions? Check out our FAQ to help you out.

Want to go for it? Leave us your details and we will get in touch for a chat.

Support our work

Fundraising and our fundraisers are an essential part of the SAFE family - and we love to work closely with all of the amazing people raising vital funds for us.