About Us

The SAFE Foundation is a Cardiff-based charity committed to improving the lives of marginalised people and communities around the world. With a variety of projects taking place in the UK and overseas, our mission is to build a fairer, brighter and peaceful future for the world.

This involves improving access to human rights; something we achieve through creating opportunities for those that need them the most. Transforming lives in Britain, we empower people to take control of their future, making a change to their own lives by helping others overseas. This is partly achieved through developing skills, attitudes and values.

Fostering a community of caring and responsible people, our ethos is centred on welcoming and embracing cultural diversity, values and social justice.

Our work in the UK

A group of people stood in an office discussing SAFE's work.

We support hard to reach, vulnerable people to fulfil their potential, and reconnect with society and the world. We work with people that have a history of drug and alcohol abuse, suffer with mental health problems, are experiencing family breakdown or have been caught up in criminal activity.

We get them involved in our projects that are supporting people around the world. Acts of kindness have proven to develop confidence, happiness and positivity. By helping others, they are helping themselves – improving their mental health and wellbeing.

We are passionate about global education and building a community of socially responsible, caring people. We want people to understand the links between their own lives and the lives of others around the world. By looking at global issues like immigration, cultural diversity and consumerism we want to foster people that can make positive decisions and bring about change in their own lives.

Our work overseas

Children from an overseas community all wearing white shirts. The boy in the centre is looking into the camera with a serious and determined expression.

We are committed to helping poor communities in developing countries access basic human rights, education and healthcare. We work with partners overseas to reach people that have been outcast from society. We focus on improving health and wellbeing, developing skills and building resilient and self-sufficient communities.

Find out about our work around the world

Through our projects, we are working towards the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2015, countries around the world agreed on 17 global goals to end poverty, protect the planet and provide a happier and healthier future for everyone.

Our ethos

We are a community of activists, humanitarians, creatives, lovers not haters, and game changers. We are a small charity, but we have a big heart, and we create change. Our values drive everything that we do and inspire us to achieve more

We believe that:

  • Everyone, everywhere has the right to reach their potential and lead happy, healthy lives
  • Helping others does you good: it builds confidence and improves your mental health and wellbeing
  • We all need to work together, sharing our knowledge and skills, to bring about long-lasting sustainable change

Support our work

Fundraising and our fundraisers are an essential part of the SAFE family - and we love to work closely with all of the amazing people raising vital funds for us.