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A Guide to Sustainable Shopping


There are plenty of little changes we can make to help the planet. Having mindfulness of your clothes and shopping habits is a key factor. Whether you’re fashion conscious or not, how many of us actually think about where our clothes come from? Here’s a quick guide into ethical clothing and why a second-hand wardrobe is the way to go.

The interior of the Safe Ethical Boutique with customers browsing and various clothes on display.

The Safe Ethical Boutique, Whitchurch Road

  • Second-hand clothes should be your new best friend – There’s a stigma with second-hand clothing; ‘it’s just junk that nobody wants’. But with the increase in popularity of vintage shops and clothes-selling apps like Depop and Shpock, we are inadvertently becoming more environmentally aware. Charity shops are an easy way to save £££ and get some great finds if you dig deep – I found a Nike Jumper for a fiver in a charity shop that was originally worth about £40!
  • Avoid high street shops as often as you can – Most retail shops don’t share much about where their clothing comes from, and for most this means they are encouraging a poor working industry. Buying from these stores has a worrying environmental impact that won’t slow down unless we actively stop it. You can easily find second hand clothes from your favourite shops on clothes selling apps for a much lower price.
  • Don’t throw away; just donate or sell! – Hundreds of millions of clothes are finding their way onto landfill sights as people sort their wardrobe. It’s easier and more ethically conscious to donate rather than just throw them away. Charity shops will take in anything, if it’s not up to scratch to sell in a shop it’s still a welcome donation. Saving the planet and feeling great about it? It’s a no-brainer.
A wardrobe with various neatly organised clothes, shoes, and a bag.
  • Try to stick to a staple wardrobe – Instead of overwhelming your hangers with clothes you will never wear, try just buying plain but few items. Convincing yourself that you will wear a printed jacket that has been at the back of your wardrobe for years is not helpful! Stick to buying limited but essential items to stop over-production and unethical manufacturing of clothes – minimalist is best!

Little changes like these can help the bigger picture of environmental impact.

Check out the SAFE Ethical Boutique on 31 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, to get some great pieces for a great cause. Win-Win!
Published: 4th June, 2019Author: Ffion Martin

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