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Happy Independence Day, Sierra Leone!


Independence Day is a public holiday in Sierra Leone. It’s observed on the 27th of April. This day is the National Day of Sierra Leone and commemorates independence from Great Britain on 27th April 1961.

History of Independence Day in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone was originally named Lion Mountains in the 15th Century. That was located in the hills in Portugal’s Harbour.

There has been a lot of history where individuals struggled and this included the fight against slavery. At this time the people of Sierra Leone felt there was no way of moving forward for a better life or democracy.

However British colonial control of Sierra Leone began in the early 1800s. After 1807, when the British Parliament passed an act making the slave trade illegal, the new colony was used as a base from which the act could be enforced.

On 27th April 1961 became the day Sierra Leone won independence!!!

This day was a turnaround for all people of Sierra Leone. Everyone celebrated freedom and a new beginning.

Sierra Leone wanted to become an independent state as it was so important for the civilians to have their own freedom to a life ending almost 150 years of British colonial rule.

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Published: 27th April, 2022

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