Two pies with "Eat More Pies" and "#Lucy's List" baked into the crusts.

#Lucy’s List


Lucy’s List? So, what exactly is it?

Lucy Dickenson was the inspiration and founder of The SAFE Foundation, and, together with her twin Hannah, they took it from being an idea around a dining room table to an organisation that changes people’s lives.

She was a remarkable woman: kind, caring, intelligent, fiercely determined, humble, I could go on but, you get the picture.

When she died in 2012 our world was blown apart, but, as countless people have had to do, we had to carry on, go through the rituals and try to adjust to a world without her.

One of the hardest things that I had to do was give a eulogy at her funeral. I struggled to write anything that didn’t sound trite or formulaic. On the night before the funeral, I lay on the bed and wrote down a number of points that Lucy had lived her life by. The next day I read it out to the gathered crowd and gave a short explanation for each one.

That is Lucy’s list

1. Be Kind to Everyone

Such an easy thing to do. Smile at people. Say hello. Make time for a chat and a kind word. Give someone a helping hand. The smallest actions can have big effects. Go on, brighten up someone’s day. Just be kind.

2. Eat More pies.

This, for me, is very personal, but it’s also a metaphor for gathering together, with family, with friends with people you care about. Lucy travelled a lot. Whenever she returned family and friends would gather at our house for a celebratory meal, usually some sort of pie. The preparation and cooking would be a combined effort with everyone getting involved and celebrations would last long into the night. Wonderful, joyous occasions. So pies are about sharing, laughing, surrounding yourself with people you care about and making memories. Don’t waste time on things that might seem important, instead spend your time with on the really important things in life – the people you love.

Dicko – December 2023.

3. If You Love Someone, Tell them.

This is so simple and is meant quite literally. If you love someone tell them. We love people in so many different ways, friends, family, lovers. Don’t hold back, just spread the love and make the world go round.

Each and every day may be the last chance you get to tell them. So, go on, Just tell them, tell them now.

4. Don’t Think About It, Do It

How many of us have amazing plans living in their heads? How many of us will have those same amazing plans living in their heads in six months, a year, two years time. Make them happen! Start today! Thomas Edison said, “I’m only a success today because of all the times I’ve failed”. So, whatever it is you’re dreaming about, make it happen. Do it!

5. Take What You Need Not What You Want.

If there’s one thing on Lucy’s List that could change the world, this is it. How different our world would be if everyone lived by just this one tenet. No long explanation needed, just a simple adjustment and we could change the world.

6. Never Hold a Grudge

Let it go. We all get angry, frustrated, hurt. We often hang on to those feelings for a long time, making us bitter, resentful and sad. Forgive, forget and move on. Fill your life with the good things instead of dwelling on the past. Life is beautiful, the future is waiting, make it yours.

7. Walk When You Can, Drive When You Must

This may be the simplest, and most literal, one of all.

Lose the car, use your feet, save the planet.

That’s it, folks!

8. Cherish Your Children, They Are the Future

The most important gift you’ll ever give, your children. Today they may be playing with Lego, tomorrow they’ll be doctors, scientists, inventors, innovators. Help them be the best they can be. Help them be the caring, selfless good hearted people the future needs.

The future needs them, and they need a future.

9. Think of Others Before Yourself

Be Kind. Be nice. Be gentle. Be good. People are beautiful, so are you.


10. Always Look Beyond the Horizon

I guess what this one is saying is keep your dreams alive. However tough things are, whatever shit you’re going through, It will get better. You have the power to overcome. You have the power to get over it, to get through it and to make a future that you want.

Don’t give up. Keep going. The future you want is there for you. Go and make it happen.

11. Embrace Change

The one certainty in life is that it changes. Everything. All the time. Big changes, small changes, people, relationships, possessions. Everything. It’s relentless, it’s constant and it’s part of our lives, so don’t resist. Use it, celebrate it, ride it to where you want to go, make the most of it, enjoy it.

You don’t have a choice. Embrace it!

12. If You’re Scared Don’t Do It, But If You Do It Don’t Be Scared

This was one of Lucy’s favourite tattoos and a bit of a tricky one to explain. To me, it means push yourself to explore your limits. Sometimes things will scare you, but embrace your fears, you can do it! Don’t give in to fear. Face it, conquer it, you’re capable of far more than you ever thought possible!

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