Celebrating Earth Day With SAFE.


On April 22nd, we join the world in celebrating Earth Day! It’s a day to honour our planet, reflect on our environmental impact, and take action to build a more sustainable future. At SAFE, we believe Earth Day is more than just a single day of events – it’s a call to embrace global citizenship within our communities.

What is Global Citizenship?1

A global citizen understands their connection to the wider world. They recognise that our choices impact people and environments both near and far. Global citizens take responsibility, embrace diversity, and actively work towards a better, more equitable planet for everyone.

Small Actions, Big Impact.

We recently demonstrated the power of global citizenship in action with two awesome projects:

● Sustainable Planter Workshop: A group of young people in Swansea rolled up their sleeves and learned how to repurpose materials to build beautiful planters.

This hands-on experience highlighted resourcefulness and the importance of reducing waste. A lot of what we eat you can grow right on your front doorstep!

● Plastic-Free Shopping and Cooking: We visited a local plastic-free shop to buy fresh, unpackaged ingredients for a delicious meal. Participants learned about the harmful impact of plastic pollution and how their food choices can protect our planet and our health.

These projects might seem small, but their impact ripples outward. By building planters, our young people connected with nature, they now have the skills and the materials to start a community garden. By growing sustainability and shopping plastic-free, they became conscious
consumers. All our actions are interconnected.

Tips to Be a Better Global Citizen

We can all make a difference! Here’s how to practice global citizenship in your daily life:
Regenerate: Be mindful of your consumption and waste.
Conserve Water & Energy: Turn off lights; take shorter showers. Small habits matter.

Support Local Businesses: Strengthen your community!
Shop Plastic-Free: Bring your own bags and containers to minimise packaging waste.
Get Involved! Join organisations like ours that are working toward a healthier planet. We’re running global citizenship workshops in Cardiff and Swansea!

Celebrating Earth Day With SAFE.

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