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What To Expect From Conscious Coffee Training


I arrived in Splott on a sunny Tuesday afternoon and entered the bright orange and quirky Safe Foundation office container, located in Railway Gardens.

I was addressed by the director, Angie and her assistant, Micky. Both were very friendly, knowledgeable and offered me sweet treats in the form of hob knobs, a fairtrade chocolate bar and a cup of tea, which was ironically my choice of beverage on a coffee training morning. What’s not to like?

After settling in, I was handed a questionnaire which coincided with an informative powerpoint presentation on how coffee is produced, sustainable clothing and the importance of supporting independent chains, the farmer producing the coffee beans and trying to be a more conscious consumer.

Micky did add that I have to say that she was amazing in this blog (I was going to anyway) and she did help me make a really nice flat white despite my best efforts to sabotage it.

It was a great session, extremely informative and I could tell immediately that producing great coffee isn’t the end goal for Angie. It’s with the wider goal of raising money for the various incredible projects that The Safe Foundation supports around the globe and to help grow confidence and skills here in Wales.

The training session provides you with a certificate in Barista training and it was a very worthwhile experience for myself as a newcomer to the charity. I felt welcomed and although my background is in social media and writing, I feel I could become a coffee connoisseur yet.

By David James (Social Media Volunteer at The Safe Foundation)

Please email Sophie on volunteercoordinator@thesafefoundation.co.uk to find out more about SAFE’s training opportunities!

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