Where we began

Our journey started in 2006, with our inspiring founder, Lucy Dickenson. Lucy spent a year volunteering in Uganda and came home with a vision of providing international aid on a smaller scale to communities in desperate need. Joined by her twin sister, Hannah, they set about learning the skills and knowledge they needed to bring their vision to life.

Lucy and Hannah came together with a small and committed group of friends, who became the driving force behind SAFE. This incredible group of people later became the founding trustees and played a big part in helping The SAFE Foundation receive its official charity status in 2007.

To begin with SAFE set up small-scale projects in Africa and Asia, helping communities access basic human rights, including education and healthcare. The focus was on helping people to fulfil their own potential, providing them with the skills and tools they needed to build a happy and healthy future.

Back home in the UK, the team were beginning to realise that there was a lack of understanding about why international aid was important, and how helping others can be life-changing. Many of the people they were speaking to were also questioning how much of their donations were reaching the people in need. As a response to this, SAFE set up their UK Global Education Programme. The programme raises awareness on why international aid is important and helps people to understand the links between their own lives and the lives of others around the world.

Tragically, Lucy was killed in 2012 in a car accident when working in Zambia. Since then, Hannah has continued the legacy of her sister and ran SAFE until 2021, she now sits on our board of trustees as a strategic advisor. Head to our staff page to meet the team!

Find out more about our founder, Lucy Dickenson, and her vision that kickstarted SAFE and our work.

Support our work

Fundraising and our fundraisers are an essential part of the SAFE family - and we love to work closely with all of the amazing people raising vital funds for us.